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What to Do During a Dental Emergency

njuries to your gums or teeth, oral disease and other dental emergencies are something you shouldn’t ignore. They’re potentially serious and may require emergency dental care. If you ignore an oral problem, you could increase your risk of permanent damage, which may result in the need for more extensive and costly treatment later on.

Is a Tooth Abscess Why Your Face Is Swollen?

If you’ve been experiencing pain from a toothache or facial swelling, you may be suffering from a tooth abscess. Understanding the cause of your symptoms is the first step to receiving effective treatment.
Our team of professionals at Dental Choice can provide permanent solutions to help treat your tooth abscess and reduce your toothache and swelling.

Tooth Abscess Stages and What You Should Do at Each

Tooth abscesses are sores caused by an accumulation of pus inside a tooth. Dental abscesses typically result from bacterial infections occurring in the gums, jaw bone or in the nerve of the tooth (the “pulp”). The most common causes of abscessed teeth are untreated cavities, gum disease and mouth injuries.

What to Do When You Have a Toothache

Whether you woke up this morning with a piercing pain in your tooth or you have experienced a dull ache in a molar for days, you feel miserable. Having a toothache can cause an enormous amount of pain. You want to find relief as quickly as possible. So what is the most effective way to treat your toothache, and why does it hurt so much?

What Should I Do If I Chipped a Tooth?

Whether you suffer a chipped tooth from a foul during a pickup basketball game or by taking a tumble down the stairs, you know how much discomfort you can experience from this dental emergency. You’ll need to act quickly to protect your mouth and also lessen the chipped tooth pain until you can get an appointment with a reliable dentist.

Common Causes for a Toothache

Toothaches are a real pain. You may develop one related to a number of different causes, but you should seek dental treatment immediately if you have a nagging toothache. A dentist can identify what sparked the issue and treat the underlying problem.

Remedies for a Toothache

Tooth pain can start in an instant, seemingly coming from nowhere. When you get a toothache, you want immediate relief from the throbbing in your mouth. If you can’t see a dentist immediately, you can try one of these at-home remedies to alleviate pain until you get treatment.

How to Fix a Broken Filling

Dental fillings are used to replace natural tooth material that’s lost because of decay. They’re designed to last for years, but eventually, all fillings need to be replaced. Day after day, they get quite a workout as you eat, drink, clench and grind your teeth. All this activity means that your filling can get broken or fall out.

What to Do for Cracked Molar Pain

Your molars work hard every day. When you chew your food, they absorb most of the force. Unfortunately, this activity makes them particularly susceptible to cracks. Cracked molars are not uncommon, and some of the usual culprits that cause this type of dental emergency include biting into hard candies or ice, a tooth grinding habit and trauma due to an injury, like getting hit in the mouth while playing sports.

What to Do for a Chipped Tooth

It’s incredible how strong our teeth are. In fact, tooth enamel, which makes up the exterior of your teeth, is the hardest substance in the human body. Unfortunately, despite how tough they are, teeth can still become chipped, fractured or broken. Many things can cause this kind of dental emergency to arise, including biting on something hard, trauma due to an injury and cavities weakening the tooth.