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The 5 Best Alternatives to Flossing Your Teeth

Many have experienced the moment of truth when your dentist asks if you floss. More often than not, patients forget or avoid flossing at all costs. However, cleaning between your teeth once a day is essential for your oral health.

Why Seeing Your Dentist More Frequently During Pregnancy Is Important

When you’re pregnant, you’re focused on doing whatever you can to take care of your body and your baby. And while rest and good nutrition are healthy essentials, you might be ignoring another part of your health — your teeth.

The Causes of Dry Mouth and How to Alleviate Symptoms

A normal amount of saliva is an essential element of oral and digestive health. Saliva serves many important purposes, but you may not realize its impact on everyday functions. It helps promote oral hygiene and support strong oral tissue. It’s necessary for a handful of fundamental bodily processes. A lack of saliva may cause dry mouth syndrome, which can be uncomfortable and have serious oral health impacts.

Emergency Technical Advancements in Dentistry

Advances in technology are profoundly shaping the world of healthcare, including dentistry. Let’s look at some new technology that has recently affected dentistry.

Types of Toothbrushes and How to Choose the Right One for You

We all know brushing our teeth is essential to good oral hygiene, but did you know that choosing the wrong toothbrush can cause issues? When choosing the right toothbrush, you may not know where to begin.

DON’T Try These Viral Dental Hacks

As more users join social media and information-sharing sites like TikTok, it is easier to spread false medical advice. Recently, people have published self-declared “dental hacks” to perfect their teeth.

How Impacted Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Problems

The adult human mouth has 32 teeth, with the last teeth to emerge being four wisdom teeth at the very back of the upper and lower jaw, on either side. These molars usually appear in the mouth sometime between the ages of 17 and 25.

Why Do Dentists Wear Masks and Gloves?

If you’ve ever seen the dental safety equipment your dentist wears, you may have wondered, “Why do dentists wear gloves, gowns and masks?” The answer lies in a dentist’s commitment to keeping you safe by protecting your health. Dental protective gear also keeps dental health professionals safe as they diagnose you and offer treatment and cleanings.

The Facts About Dental X-Rays: Are They Safe?

When you visit a dentist’s office, your dentist may use several diagnostic tools to assess your oral health. Dental X-rays work because when X-rays pass through the mouth, bones and teeth absorb less of the rays, making them appear more visible on the X-ray image. X-ray images can help your dentist evaluate the condition of your teeth.

5 Allergies You Should Tell Your Dentist About

When you visit your dentist, you probably know to discuss your brushing routine, last appointment or flossing habits. It’s also essential to share relevant allergies with your dentist, just as you might share medical information with your primary care doctor.