What is dental sedation?

Sedation induces a calming state in patients so that they feel reduced anxiety during treatment. These techniques also help ensure that dental treatment seems to go by faster from the patient’s perspective.


Why would someone want sedation?

The thought of going to the dentist can be very scary for some people. They’d rather bear the pain that comes with dental problems than commit to visiting a dentist. We offer sedation techniques so that patients don’t have to postpone or avoid treatments any longer due to dental phobias or anxiety.


Who can receive sedation?

We offer sedation services to patients who undergo lengthy procedures or who simply want to enter a relaxed state so that they’re less aware of the treatment being performed. Almost all patients who are in good general health are appropriate candidates for sedation services techniques. Patients with certain medical conditions or who are taking some types of medications may not be suitable candidates.


What types of sedation services are there?

Our practice uses three main types of sedation services:

1. Oral Sedatives

Oral Sedatives are pills given to the patient an hour before the procedure.

2. Nitrous oxide (also known as “laughing gas”)

Nitrous oxide is inhaled by the patient to induce a moderate state of relaxation.

3. Conscious IV sedation

IV sedatives are administered intravenously into the patient’s bloodstream. The medication works quickly, and the patient will begin to feel relaxed within a matter of seconds.

How do I know if sedation is right for me?

If you’re nervous or anxious about undergoing dental treatment or are avoiding receiving dental care altogether you may end up developing gum disease and other conditions that can seriously jeopardize your oral health and overall health. The best thing to do is talk to your Dental Choice dentist before you receive any treatment and together you can see what is the best option for you.


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