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Program Breakdown

Module 1: Orientation to the Dental Profession

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In this module, students will gain an understanding of the dental profession and the different roles within a dental office. Topics covered include the duties and responsibilities of the dental office administrator, members of the dental clinical and administrative teams, dental office layout, privacy legislation, industry organizations, and safety protocols in the dental office.

Module 2: Introduction to Dental Software

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This module provides an introduction to a widely used dental software program called Curve Hero. Students will learn about the features and functions of the dental software and receive hands-on training with creating and managing patient profiles, as well as scheduling appointments. Throughout the program, students will become proficient utilizing Curve Hero to manage different administrative tasks related to dental offices such as charting, dental codes, billing procedures, insurance management, and patient and financial reports.

Module 3: Fundamentals of Dentistry

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This module provides an in-depth overview of key concepts and practices in the field of dentistry. Topics covered include dental terminology, anatomy, records, procedures, and dental codes. Students will learn how to effectively use dental terminology, understand the structure of teeth, identify the different types of teeth and their functions, and how to maintain accurate dental records. Additionally, students will learn various types of dental procedures and how to use dental codes to bill for services.

Module 4: Patient Communication and Customer Service

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This module aims to help students become successful in effectively communicating with patients in the dental office. Communication is an essential skill that needs to be established to help maintain customer relationships. This module includes not only ways to increase effective verbal communication, but also telephone, email, and text etiquette as well as laws regarding patient communication and when and how to contact patients. Students will also learn to accurately convey medical terms in a way that the patient can understand.

Module 5: Filling the Schedule

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This module focuses on equipping students with the skills to actively fill a dental office schedule on a day-to-day basis. Students will learn scripts for dealing with cancellations, techniques for effectively communicating with patients of diverse dental needs, and strategies for establishing a continuous care system. Students will learn how to maintain a full schedule through real-life scenarios and problem-solving exercises. Additionally, the module will cover important considerations for an ideal day for both the dentist and hygienist.

Module 6: Dental Insurance and Other Payment Options

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This module introduces the student to common dental benefits, including both government and private insurance options. Students will learn to understand benefit limitations, exclusions, and coordination of benefits, as well as how to determine order of liability. Students will also gain an understanding of the predetermination and the dental claims process. Other topics covered in the module include assignment of benefits, copayments, calculating copayments, and explanation of benefits.

Module 7: Managing Financial Systems

woman writing on a clipboard and using a calculator

This module will equip students with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage the financial systems of a dental practice. Students will learn about managing accounts payable, accounts receivable, processing daily transactions, and balancing payments. Additionally, the module will introduce students to the basics of marketing for the dental office.


dental admins looking at clipboard at front desk

This practicum is a vital component of the program as it provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a real dental office setting. During this time, students will act as regular employees and perform the duties and responsibilities expected of them in the workplace. The practicum experience is intended to enhance the knowledge and skills that students have acquired during the program.

Career and Employment Strategies Training

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Career and Employment Strategies training will provide students with the necessary tools to create an effective resume, effectively search and apply for jobs in the dental field and prepare for interviews.

Meet Our Team

headshot of Coralie Di Massa

Coralie Di Massa

Head Trainer

Meet Coralie Di Massa, our trainer who specializes in dental office administration. With over a decade of practical knowledge as…

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Shannon Matlock

Program Trainer

Meet Shannon Matlock, a dedicated and accomplished Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) with an impressive 23 years of experience in the…

Deena Kordi

Deena Kordi

Program Trainer

Introducing Deena Kordi. Deena has dedicated 17 years to the field of dentistry, showcasing her versatility in various roles, including…

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Susan Fonseca

Program Manager

Meet Susan Fonseca, our Program Manager and a dental professional that has served as a dedicated RDA, Administrator, Office Manager,…

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Anastasia Husieva

Program Coordinator

Meet Anastasia Husieva, our dedicated Program Coordinator at Dental Choice Academy. With a commitment to student success, Anastasia serves as…

Enroll in 5 Steps

Step 1: Provide a Language Competency Proof

Submit ONE of the following documents:

* Canadian High School Diploma or equivalent with a verified transcript.
* General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.).
* Proof of English language proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, CAEL, Duolingo, etc.).
* Successfully complete the Dental Choice Academy Language Competency Test.

Step 2: Complete Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments

Ensure that this career is the right fit for you by successfully completing online behavioral and cognitive assessments.

Step 3: Interview

Participate in a brief interview with our trainer. It will help us get to know you better and see ho well you’d fit into our program while giving you a chance to learn more about us. Based on the outcomes of your interview, we will promptly inform you about your eligibility for the program.

Step 4: Submit the Enrollment Form

Complete and submit the Enrollment Form to officially express your intention to join the program.

Step 5: Pay Program Fee

Once your eligibility is confirmed, proceed to pay the program fee to secure your spot in the Dental Choice Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dental office administrator program format?

The program is comprised of 7 online modules, 8 virtual real-time expansion sessions with a trainer, and a two-week on-site practicum.

What is the in-office practicum?

The on-site practicum is two-weeks, full-time, unpaid commitment of hands-on experience in a dental office. You will be placed in a dental office where you will work alongside experienced professionals and have the opportunity to apply the skills, theories, and concepts you have learned throughout the program.

Can I complete the course while studying or working?

Yes, you can! Depending on your prior experience and study habits, you would dedicate between 1 to 3 hours per day to complete the program. This flexibility allows you to balance your studies with your current work and life commitments. You can access the course from your computer or phone during a time that is convenient with your schedule.

Is the job of a dental receptionist/administrator in high demand?

Yes, dental receptionist/administrator jobs are in high demand in Alberta. There are approximately 3,000 dentists in Alberta, and each of them require a receptionist/administrator to keep their office running smoothly. However, there is a shortage of trained receptionists/administrators who can fill these positions; by enrolling in our comprehensive Dental Office Administrator Program, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to become a top candidate for these positions.

Would I be able to work at any dental office after completing the Dental Office Administrator program?

The program is designed to provide you with the necessary skills, and knowledge required to work in any dental office.

What are the available payment options?

We provide two payment options for your convenience:

Option 1: Pay in Full (e-transfer)
You have the option to pay the full amount upfront using e-transfer. This ensures a hassle-free and immediate completion of your payment.

Option 2: Payment Plan
We offer a convenient six-month payment plan option. This allows you to budget accordingly while pursuing your education and career goals. Request a copy of the payment plan agreement for additional details.

Where Our Students Are From

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As a practicing dentist, I know how important it is to have a dental practice that's well-organized and works efficiently. Dental Choice Academy had meticulously crafted a curriculum that caters specifically to the needs of dental office administrators. This program is fantastic for beginners who want to learn about running a dental office, and it's also really useful for those who already have some knowledge but want to improve even more. What really stands out is that Dental Choice Academy is part of a company that actually operates dental offices every single day. This makes the program reliable and practical. When you join this program, you're not just reading from books – you're learning from the real experiences of folks who've made dental offices run smoothly."

Dr. Daniel Bargrizan

Dentist, Edmonton, AB.

The Dental Choice Academy reinvented my ability to provide excellent customer service. The experience behind the instructors that held the online teaching sessions allowed me to gain the knowledge of the more technical side of Dentistry."

Kiersten Lloyd

Sterilization Technician & Dental Choice Academy Student, Edmonton, AB.

I am thoroughly impressed with the amount of knowledge I have gained from this program content. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to enter a career in Dentistry. This course has taught me a lot more than just Dental Administration but has given me deeper insight on Dentistry."

Melanie Ouellet

Dental Choice Academy Student, Edmonton, AB.

This course has been super helpful in getting to know the dentistry industry, it's extremely thorough and the expansion sessions are extremely helpful in wrapping up the module and gaining a better grasp on the information, everyone is so kind and generous and willing to assist!"

Anika Parslow

Dental Choice Academy Student, Edmonton, AB.

There remains an overwhelming demand of dental administers in dental offices across Alberta. However, it is a career which requires a thorough understanding of patients’ dental needs, motivators, insurance and finances. This is why the Dental Choice Academy was created to help ensure the administrator will succeed and help elevate whatever dental office they work at while giving excellent customer services to our beloved patients. The office administrator is the first point of contact and will be a key determinant in a dental clinic’s success. This is why training with the Dental Choice Academy is a win for everyone.

Dr. Amandeep Singh

Dentist, Edmonton, AB.


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