Allergies Your Dentist Should Know About 

When you visit your dentist, you probably know to discuss your brushing routine, last appointment or flossing habits. It’s also essential to share relevant allergies with your dentist, just as you might share medical information with your primary care doctor.

5 Allergies To Tell Your Dentist About

Mention the following allergies to the oral hygienist and your dentist:

  • Medicine allergies: Inform your doctor of allergies to penicillin or any other medication. You should also communicate any over-the-counter medications, prescriptions or supplements you take. If your dentist needs to prescribe pain medication or antibiotics as part of your treatment, having this information can keep you safe.
  • Anesthetic allergy: If you’ve ever had an allergic reaction to the local or general anesthetic used for a tooth filling, surgery or other medical procedure, tell your dentist. While modern local anesthetics have a low risk of allergic reactions, your dentist will want to stay alert and potentially choose alternative options. Be sure to mention if you’ve experienced an adverse reaction to a medical or dental procedure, even if you’re unsure what caused the reaction.
  • Latex allergy: Let the dentist know if you have a latex allergy, so they know to use latex-free gloves.
  • Gluten and food allergies: Some polishing agents contain gluten. If your dentist knows about your allergy, they can ensure the products they use are free from gluten and other allergens.
  • Metal allergies: Inform your dentist of metal allergies so they know to avoid certain types of metal instruments or tooth fillings.

Why You Should Tell Your Dentist About Your Allergies

Telling your dentist about any allergic reaction you’ve had to dental work or a medical procedure in the past is crucial for your care and well-being. Your dentist can enter this information into your patient record. They can also minimize your risk of encountering allergens in the office, preserving your safety.

Your allergies are also an important part of your overall health. Understanding your allergies can help your dentist care for your health more effectively.

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