When you choose Invisalign®, you may get used to the comfort and design of this clear alignment therapy. Avid gum chewers may forget they’re wearing their trays when they pop a piece of gum and find themselves in a sticky situation.

When you chew gum with your Invisalign® in, you risk ruining your trays. The best way to avoid this wear and tear is by removing your Invisalign or finding appropriate gum for these delicate structures.

Should You Chew Gum With Invisalign® In?

The best way to enjoy your gum when you have Invisalign® is by taking your trays out before you chew. If you’re a long-time Invisalign® user, you already know to do this before eating or drinking. Removing your trays prevents potential damage or residue buildup.

Gum can also leave residue on teeth, so you must clean your teeth before reapplying your Invisalign®. Doing so prevents trapped bacteria or sticky aligners. Be sure to put your Invisalign® back in shortly after you enjoy your gum, so you can get your full 20-22 hours per day.

If you chew gum with Invisalign® in, you can often fix the damage. Some have found that freezing their trays for a short period can harden the residue and make it easier to scrape off. Others suggest using peanut butter to loosen the sticky remnants. If you’ve tried brushing it off and nothing works, you can always call your local dentist for professional help.

Best Types of Gum to Chew With Invisalign®

If it’s hard to break the habit or you want to keep your aligners in while you chew, you can try certain types of gum to keep your trays safe. Many people love sugar-free gum for chewing with and without their Invisalign®. Be sure to check the label and nutrition facts on your gum before buying.

Some chewing gum will also have a  red Canadian Dental Association (CDA) seal  on it. The CDA recognizes these brands for their ability to stimulate saliva, promote healthy teeth or help with gingivitis.

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