Solea® laser dentistry is enhancing traditional dentistry with speedier treatments, minimal noise and reduced discomfort. Best of all, it can accommodate multiple types of patients, treatments and needs.

From routine tooth cleanings to surgical processes, Solea assists with a variety of procedures. Learn all about this treatment, its uses and benefits below.

What Is Solea Dental Laser Treatment?

Solea laser dentistry uses highly concentrated laser technology to remove, sculpt and reshape damaged tissue. It focuses a thin yet powerful light beam onto the affected mouth area, creating thousands of pulses per second. Solea can treat gums, dentin, enamel and even bones.

A Solea laser dentist can use this innovative method on any tooth, whether one with zero fillings and cavities or with extensive repairs. Unlike traditional laser technology that only works on soft tissue, Solea can be used for soft and hard tissue.

How Does Solea Laser Treatment Work? 

Your dentist will start by explaining how the procedure works and what you can expect. You can use this time to ask questions about the technology and procedure. Your dentist may also give you protective eyewear.

They will then place the laser on the impacted area to maneuver and treat the tissue. You might feel a mild cold sensation every few seconds, but there shouldn’t be any pain or discomfort. The procedure should be completed within a few minutes.

Is Solea Laser Treatment Safe?

Yes — Solea laser therapy is an FDA-approved technology upholding rigorous safety requirements. While it uses a laser, Solea doesn’t emit any radiation. The laser is extremely precise, reducing injury risk to surrounding tissue. Because its wavelength sterilizes the treatment area, there is a low likelihood of infection.

Benefits of Solea Laser Treatment

Here are some advantages you can experience by opting for Solea laser treatment:

1. It Causes Minimal Noise and Pain

Perhaps the best part about this procedure is that there is often little to no pain involved, and it’s noise-free. During traditional dental repairs, the dentist numbs the patient’s mouth with anesthesia, which is typically administered via needle. With Solea, your dentist can usually complete the procedure without any injections or drilling.

2. It Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Anyone apprehensive about needles will certainly appreciate the above perk, as will those who loathe the sound and feel of the dental drill. You don’t have to wait for an anesthetic to set in, and the procedure typically doesn’t cause pain, discomfort or gum bleeding.

Recovery time is quicker since no anesthesia is necessary, and you can eat or drink as normal after the procedure. Plus, you don’t have to worry about that maddening numbness in your mouth after your operation.

All things considered, Solea dentistry can significantly reduce those pre-appointment jitters, leaving you feeling more relaxed and at ease.

3. It’s Quick and Easy

Solea lets your dentist perform multiple procedures simultaneously. For example, they can treat teeth and gums within the same session.

Due to Solea’s efficient nature, most procedures can be completed in minutes. Unlike many standard dental treatments, there’s often no need for a follow-up appointment. Gone are the days of sitting in a chair for hours. This rapid treatment can also appeal to young children who struggle to sit still for long periods.

4. It Treats All Types of Patients

Many patients can undergo Solea laser dentistry, including:

  • Children
  • Pregnant women
  • Elderly patients
  • Patients with orthodontic devices like braces, headgear, palate expanders and aligners
  • Patients with pacemakers and preexisting medical conditions

However, you should still inform your dentist about any medical conditions before the treatment begins.

What Is Solea Laser Dentistry Used For?

Here are some standard applications of Solea laser therapy in the dentistry field:

1. Cavity Removal

Your dentist can use Solea laser technology to remove the decayed portion of a tooth and fill the hole — all without a drill or needle. The laser makes incredibly precise cuts for more accurate removal.

2. Fibroma Removal

Fibromas are benign tumors that can grow anywhere in the body, including the mouth. Oral fibromas usually appear on the inner cheek where your upper and lower teeth meet.

To remove the fibroma, a dentist may use tissue forceps to elevate the lesion, cut into it with a Solea laser and sever the tumor from the affected area. Solea laser dentistry can also remove other oral growths, such as aphthous ulcers (canker sores).

3. Gingivectomies

A gingivectomy is a procedure that removes diseased gum tissue. Solea helps your dentist remove infected tissue and clean bacteria from the mouth in a minimally invasive manner. They will position the narrow laser between your tooth roots and gums, removing infected gum tissue without harming any healthy tissue.

Tartar, plaque and bacteria are eliminated from around the roots. The healthy gum tissue is then stimulated to reattach to the teeth. Compared to traditional gum disease treatments, Solea is far gentler and less painful. It also doesn’t require any sutures, scalpels or anesthesia.

Treatment is much faster since there is no physical surgery involved. Solea can target multiple areas of gum disease in one appointment. Your dentist can clean your entire mouth so you don’t have to return for multiple sessions.

4. Frenectomies

A frenectomy is an oral surgical procedure to treat tongue-tie or lip-tie. Tongue-tie occurs when the lingual frenulum is too short, while lip-tie occurs when the labial frenulum is too large or long. To perform a frenectomy, a dentist cuts or modifies the frenulum. This process helps close a gap between two teeth or improve the tongue’s range of motion.

Solea laser therapy can make the frenectomy process faster, less invasive and more precise. It also minimizes the risk of bleeding, swelling, pain and bacterial infection.

5. Crown Lengthening

A crown lengthening reshapes gum tissue and supporting bone. This procedure exposes more of a tooth’s surface for a crown. With the help of Solea, your dentist can complete this tooth preparation and crown lengthening process in a fraction of the time.

The precision laser enables accurate tissue recontouring with no soreness or bleeding. Additionally, this precision allows for proper tissue healing around the crown.

6. Teeth Cleaning

Solea technology can assist traditional deep teeth cleaning and whitening procedures. Keep in mind that Solea is not a replacement for routine dental hygiene checkups — it simply speeds up the process.

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