There are a number of reasons why you may be in need of a new dentist. Maybe you’ve moved to a new area, discovered new dental needs or simply decided you aren’t satisfied with your current dentist. Whatever the reason, you may be wondering how to find the right dentist near you.

Choosing a dentist is an important decision, especially because dental health can have a large impact on overall health. You want to find a dental practice that can meet your personal needs while making you feel comfortable and well-informed. With these facts in mind, here are five tips you can use to find a dentist near you.

1. Get a Referral From Your Current Dentist

If you have a positive relationship with your current or previous dentist, you may consider asking for a referral. Your dentist likely knows other professionals who take a similar approach to helping patients.

You can also seek a referral from your general physician. Because your doctor is familiar with you and your medical history, they may be able to recommend a dentist suited to your situation.

2. Talk to Friends, Family and Coworkers

You can also ask people you know personally for recommendations. Friends, family members and coworkers in your area may have ideas for where to start your search.

People tend to recommend dental practices they like and steer others away from dentists they’ve had poor experiences with. Ask people you know for their opinions, and if you hear anyone talking about a recent trip to the dentist, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

3. Read Reviews Online

Though online reviews aren’t always reliable, they can give you a general idea of a dentist’s popularity. When searching for a dentist online, look for reviews that provide detailed information and reference specific concerns the dentist helped with.

You can also study how a dental practice responds to reviews for a window into how they treat patients. Does the practice respond only to positive reviews? Do they stay silent completely? Or, do they respond politely and apologize to patients who had negative experiences? Look for online behavior that mirrors what you hope to see in the office.

4. Visit the Dental Practice in Person

Once you have some candidates to choose from, take the time to visit them in person. Many dental practices, including Dental Choice, offer free consultations, so you can get to know the dentist and their approach to dental care.

When you step into a new dentist’s office for the first time, try asking yourself these questions:


  • Do you like how the staff greets you?
  • Are the receptionists able to answer your questions?
  • Does the waiting area look clean and cared for?
  • Does the dentist explain things clearly and thoroughly?
  • Does the dentist seem like someone you could get along with?


Keep in mind that, when evaluating a dentist, it’s often wise to follow your instincts. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, even if you’re not sure why, it’s okay to look elsewhere.

5. Consider Whether the Practice Meets Your Needs

Finally, before scheduling your first appointment, consider whether the dentist’s office you’ve chosen can realistically meet your needs. The ideal dental practice will be close to your home or workplace, have hours compatible with your schedule and offer all the services you think you might need.

Looking for a Dentist Near You?

Choosing a new dentist can be both daunting and exciting. Using these tips, you can narrow your options and find a dentist that’s right for you.

If you’re looking for a new dentist in Calgary or Edmonton, Dental Choice would be happy to help. We have 16 offices across Alberta and strive to provide compassionate dental care for the whole family. To schedule a consultation or learn more about our practice, reach out to us today.

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