If you’ve been experiencing pain from a toothache or facial swelling, you may be suffering from a tooth abscess. Understanding the cause of your symptoms is the first step to receiving effective treatment.

Our team of professionals at Dental Choice can provide permanent solutions to help treat your tooth abscess and reduce your toothache and swelling.

What Is a Dental Abscess?

A dental abscess is a bacterial infection located at the base of the tooth. It often develops from a cracked tooth or a cavity. Left untreated, a small pocket of fluid develops, causing toothache and swelling. It can lead to pain when chewing or an increased amount of sensitivity to hot or cold foods.

Bacterial infections can spread from their original location at the base of a tooth to the face, advancing the dental abscess to facial cellulitis. Facial cellulitis causes your face to swell significantly and causes pain in your jaw. More advanced cases of a dental abscess can spread through your blood and potentially lead to sepsis.

How Is a Tooth Abscess Treated?

If you have a tooth abscess, seeking professional help is the best course of action to relieve your symptoms and completely rid the base of your tooth from bacteria. This is typically treated with a root canal procedure in the dental office. However, if you are at home and need to alleviate your symptoms, you can take a few measures to lessen the severity of the side effects, such as:


  • Avoiding hot or cold drinks: Because the area around your tooth abscess is likely sensitive, drinking hot or cold beverages could cause an increased amount of pain.
  • Using a cold pack: Even though the relief is temporary, a cold pack can numb the area for a short period, relieving certain symptoms.
  • Trying clove oil: You can buy clove oil in toothache kits and at over-the-counter drug stores. Placing clove oil directly on the tooth abscess can ease pain and reduce sensitivity.

Aside from home care, your dental abscess should be properly treated by professionals. To completely eliminate your infection and reduce your symptoms, professionals will extract your tooth to remove the infection. Professionals will also clean, sterilize and fill the area to prevent future infections.


Other Reasons You May Experience Toothaches and Swelling

If you are experiencing a toothache and swelling, it may result from another dental condition rather than a dental abscess. Some causes of toothaches and swelling include:


  • Root canal infection: If you had a root canal recently, it might be responsible for your symptoms. Tooth decay and other damage can reach the inside of your tooth easily.
  • Medication side effects: Your toothache and swelling could also be a reaction to a new medication.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth: If a wisdom tooth is impacted — or stuck — on the side of your gum, it could lead to swelling and increased sensitivity.


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