iTero intraoral scanners are one of the tools that we use at Dental Choice to make patient care a top priority.

What Are iTero Scanners?

iTero products are innovative, high-tech scanners that create a 3D model of your mouth. Your dentist can use these scanners to help develop treatment plans and show you what’s going on with your dental health.

How They Work

iTero intraoral scanners include a wand that captures a series of intra oral images, to create a comprehensive 3D visualization of the mouth. The scanners also feature a screen that displays the images in real time, so there’s no need to worry about having to make another appointment later due to an inadequate scan.

What Are iTero Intraoral Scanners Used For?

At Dental Choice, we strive to provide thorough care that will help with your continued oral health. We use iTero scanners as part of a comprehensive dental exam. These 3D scans allow our dentists to see crowded teeth, cavities, plaque formation and chipping. iTero scanner images can also reveal whether your bite is uneven. Your dentist can use these images to keep you updated on your dental health and recommend treatment if necessary.

We can also use intraoral scanners to help with specific services, such as:


  • Cosmetic dentistry. Our dentists use iTero scanners for crowns, implants, veneers and other cosmetic services. With the images from a 3D scan, we can create appliances that look and fit better than those produced from traditional impressions.
  • Invisalign®iTero scanners are compatible with the Invisalign® system for clear alignment therapy. Your dentist can use the images from a scanner to show you the results of your alignment therapy over time. The equipment can also display a simulation of what your smile can look like as the treatment progresses.


What Are the Benefits of iTero Scanners?

The benefits of iTero scanners include:


  • Efficiency. Within just a few minutes, a scanner can produce precise images to develop a map of your mouth.
  • Comfort. Intraoral scanners offer a comfortable alternative to traditional dental impressions, eliminating the need for patients to sit and wait for messy liquid plaster to solidify.
  • Transparency and education. Scanners produce images that let you see what’s going on in your mouth with your own eyes. As your dentist explains your condition, you can look at the scan together.
  • Invisalign Outcome Simulator. This software works in tandem with your Invisalign treatment to provide you with transparent and efficient care. The Invisalign outcome simulator software lives on your dentist’s computer or iTero scanner. It provides a computerized approximation of your teeth’s position after Invisalign. This gives your dentist the chance to really get inside your mouth before diving into treatment. They can adjust arch positions, tailor tooth placement, and set treatment goals all from one platform.

These scanners also help your dental care professional keep an easy record of your dental condition. This information can be useful if you think of any questions after the appointment or if your insurance provider has questions about the treatments we recommend.


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