Visiting the dentist regularly is an important part of maintaining good oral health. Unfortunately, not everyone looks forward to seeing their dentist. Some people experience anxiety surrounding dental care, while others may have endured frustrating experiences related to dental in the past.

Given the importance of routine dental care for maintaining oral and overall health, everyone stands to benefit from efforts to make visiting the dentist less stressful and more enjoyable. With that in mind, here are four factors that can contribute to a good dental patient experience.

1. Easy Scheduling

Getting in to see the dentist shouldn’t be frustrating for patients, but all too often, it’s challenging for people to make appointments on their terms. When dental practices make scheduling easy for busy patients, appointments can start on the right foot. Dental offices can improve scheduling by:


  • Offering online scheduling: A simple online form can allow patients to make an appointment at their convenience. Online scheduling can also help reduce phone traffic, which makes it easier for patients who want to call and talk to someone.
  • Sending appointment reminders: Many dental appointments are made months in advance. Sending appointment reminders over email or text prevents the stress of missed appointments.
  • Offering appointments outside of regular work hours: Some dental practices only offer appointments during limited hours. When a practice offers appointments after regular work hours, or even on weekends, patients don’t have to take time off work or pull their kids out of school to see the dentist.


2. Nice Surroundings

Though the design of a dental practice doesn’t entirely determine whether a patient will have a good experience, it can certainly help. Clean, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing interiors can put nerves at ease.

Steps to create a nice atmosphere could include adding natural lighting, comfortable furniture and playing relaxing music. Some dental practices even offer water, coffee or tea in their waiting rooms.

3. Strong Communication

It’s hard to have a good experience at the dentist if you barely know what’s going on. As a result, a dentist who explains things clearly, offers useful information and takes the time to answer questions is likely to impress patients.

When it comes to health care, honesty and clear communication go a long way. Dental practices that follow this philosophy make patients feel more confident in the treatment they’re getting, whether that’s a routine cleaning or an involved procedure.

4. Compassionate Staff

Finally, caring staff have the potential to boost a patient’s experience. When visiting the dentist, patients want to feel that their dental care team actually listens and cares about helping them. This means anything staff can do to show patients their appreciation is well worth the effort.

To show compassion, a good dental practice staff might make friendly conversation and send kind requests for feedback after every appointment.

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