Regular trips to the dentist play an important role in maintaining good oral health. However, whether you look forward to keeping your dental appointments may depend on your relationship with your dentist. Finding a respectful and caring professional can go a long way toward ensuring you feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair.

You shouldn’t need to compromise when it comes to choosing a dentist, especially since you’ll depend on them for everything from routine cleanings to complex procedures. Here are four things you should expect from your dentist:

1. Strong Listening Skills

You may not be a dental professional, but you know your teeth better than anyone else. When you’re experiencing a problem with your oral health, you need a dentist who will listen carefully to your concerns and use their knowledge to offer appropriate solutions.

You should expect a good dentist to display strong listening skills. They may ask follow up questions or paraphrase what you tell them to get a better sense of your situation. You should also expect your dentist to explain their recommendations clearly and answer any questions you may have.

2. Respect for Patient Time

If you’re like most people, you probably have better things to do than sit around in your dental office’s waiting room. You take time out of your busy day to visit the dentist, so your dentist should make time to see you.

Although delays do occasionally happen, you should expect your dentist to respect your time. This means appointments should start on time and progress efficiently. It also means your dentist should be fully present, not rushed during your appointment.

3. Accurate Estimates

Cost transparency is another priority for dental patients. There are costs associated with dental services, whether covered by insurance or paid out of pocket, so the staff at the dental office should provide an accurate estimate to help guide your decision making. Your dentist should also make a clear distinction between immediate necessary procedures and those that are of a future need. When you trust your dentist to communicate costs openly, it’s much easier to take control of your oral health.

4. Comfortable Care

A caring dentist should always prioritize patient comfort. When choosing a dentist, look for someone who makes you feel comfortable from the second you step into the office. Nice surroundings, friendly staff members and professionals who are considerate of your preferences and level of comfort throughout the appointment are all positive signs.

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Holding your dentist to high standards and searching for a new professional, if necessary, can help make dental visits less stressful and more successful. At Dental Choice, we strive to make every visit as easy and comfortable as possible for our patients. Our staff aims to listen carefully to patient concerns, communicate transparently and treat everyone with compassion and respect.

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