If you’ve ever seen the dental safety equipment your dentist wears, you may have wondered, “Why do dentists wear gloves, gowns and masks?” The answer lies in a dentist’s commitment to keeping you safe by protecting your health. Dental protective gear also keeps dental health professionals safe as they diagnose you and offer treatment and dental cleanings.

Dental Protective Equipment

Dentists wear masks and gloves because they want to provide quality care for patients, which means creating a safer environment where cross-contamination and exposure to pathogens and other particles are minimized. When dentists wear personal protective equipment, they help keep you and everyone else safe.

When dentists and oral hygienists work with a patient, they must be in close contact. Any fine particulates from talking, coughing or breathing may be transferred from the patient to the practitioner or the practitioner to the patient. Dentists wear protective gear when cleaning teeth, filling a cavity or performing a dental checkup to ensure your safety.

Wearing a mask protects dentists and patients from any pathogens and bodily fluids they may be exposed to during their practice.The law also requires some personal protective equipment. The Alberta Dental Association and College (ADA&C) is the regulatory body overseeing dentists in Alberta. The ADA&C establishes best practices, including using proper protective equipment and correct hygiene to prevent the spread of disease. Rules developed by the Occupational Health and Safety Act also require workers, including dentists, to properly care for their patients’ safety.

Other Safety Precautions Taken By Dentists

Dental protective gear is just the start. Dental practitioners also keep you safe by:

  • Changing personal protective equipment when working with a new patient.
  • Washing hands thoroughly before donning gloves.
  • Disinfecting and sterilizing dental equipment.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in the examination room before your appointment.
  • Covering some surfaces with protective covers and changing those covers between appointments.
  • Correctly disposing of disposable dental tools and protective equipment such as gloves and gowns.
  • Using protective eyewear when needed.

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