What Is General Dentistry?

General dentist visits are meant to help you preserve your teeth and gums. Their goal is to guide you to keep your mouth healthy and functional.

Your general dentist works to diagnose problems and provide preventative care. They strive to stop issues from arising through regular six-month visits and cleanings. They can also offer advice on maintaining good oral hygiene at home and aim to provide restorative treatments if you have more persistent issues.

One of the essential parts of caring for your teeth and gums is scheduling general dentistry visits. Teeth cleanings and other preventative care help you maintain healthy oral hygiene, making finding a reliable team in your area crucial. Learn more about general dentistry and how it can assist your well-being today!

Our General Dentistry Services in Edmonton

A few things could happen when you go to the dentist for a general visit. The main portion of general dentistry treatments is hygiene exams and cleanings. The team will work to clean your teeth and advise you on maintaining them between visits.

Your dentist strives to work with you to deliver high-quality care that can help you keep your mouth and teeth healthy.

Depending on your needs, you may also need other treatments during these or additional visits. Other general dentistry services we provide in Edmonton include:

Dental fillings are used to replace natural tooth material that’s lost because of decay. Our dentists will guide you to the best type of filling for your needs.

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Sometimes, teeth need to be extracted due to injury or disease. Our dentists will take all measures to save your tooth before moving forward with a tooth extraction.

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A Dental Choice dentist can help you figure out whether impacted wisdom teeth are causing your symptoms and what the best course of action might be.

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Our dentists at Dental Choice can help you alleviate painful TMJ symptoms and restore full functionality to your jaw joints.

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At Dental Choice, we offer treatment options for teeth grinding, also known as bruxism. Stress and anxiety are causes of teeth grinding.

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Our dentists will take a series of X-rays during your Edmonton dental exam, that will allow them to see visually inside your teeth, the condition of your roots and between the teeth.

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Root canal treatment becomes necessary when dental X-rays indicate your nerve and pulp tissue have a bacterial infection.

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We provide custom mouthguards to help protect your mouth from teeth grinding or from injury while participating in sports.

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Why Choose Dental Choice's Edmonton General Dentistry Practices

Dental Choice has provided general dentistry services throughout Edmonton for many years. We aim to offer quality care you can rely on. No matter your needs, we work hard to serve them with respect for your well-being and time. We offer evening and weekend appointments at several locations to help give you more access to appropriate services.

Our team wants to work to provide personalized care that fits your unique situation. We strive to listen to your concerns, needs and goals before performing exams and cleanings. Our objective is to help you maintain your teeth and gums, provide preventive care, and use restorative procedures whenever necessary to promote oral health.

dental choice clinics in edmonton

Our Edmonton General Dentistry Clinics

Dental Choice has 13 general dentistry offices throughout Edmonton. Each location has highly-trained staff members that aim to give you quality care that can improve your smile. With our many options available, you can choose an Edmonton dental office at the most convenient location for you.

Our Edmonton Dental Clinic locations include:

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Dental Choice aims to serve as a general dentist office in areas like Edmonton and Calgary. We work hard to provide high-quality dental care, including general, restorative and emergency services. Book an appointment online today!

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