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Calgary Dental Implants

Dental Choice has a network of Calgary clinics providing dental implants along with other services. Our dentists’ goal is to help you improve your smile and confidence.

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What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a device that inserts into the jaw to replace a tooth. This solution features three parts — the implant body rests in the jaw, the crown goes above the gumline and the abutment connects the two.

Dental implants attach to the jaw using a titanium post that winds into and gradually fuses with the jawbone. The result is a strong, long-lasting replacement where a damaged organic tooth once was.

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When Is a Dental Implant the Right Choice?

We recommend implants after sports injuries, workplace incidents, automobile accidents and any other situation that causes a tooth to break or dislodge from the jaw. Our dentists also offer implants for patients having teeth pulled after significant decay from disease, grinding or malocclusions. Installing an implant will help improve your oral health while preserving your jawbone and facial structure.

Dental implants’ unique properties make them excellent tooth replacements. Here are some of the reasons why our patients in Calgary choose this treatment option:

  • Strength: Dental implants fuse with the jaw, allowing them to stay in place as you live an active life and enjoy your usual diet.
  • Subtlety: Your implant will look and feel like a natural part of your smile.
  • Longevity: A dental implant is often a long-term solution that may last for a decade or longer.


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Our Simple Calgary Dental Implant Process

Here’s what you can expect when receiving dental implants from our Calgary offices:

1. Consultation appointment: Our team will help determine if an implant is right for you, pinpoint dental work that must occur before installation and map your treatment plan.

2. Body insert installation: We’ll surgically place the implant body into the jawbone, where it will fuse with the jaw over the course of a few months.

3. Abutment installation: When the insert body binds to the jaw, we’ll perform another procedure to attach the abutment. You’ll have to wait a few weeks for your mouth to heal before returning for the next step.

4. Crown installation: We will attach the crown to the abutment, completing the process and sending you off with a seamless replacement tooth.

Why Choose Dental Choice for Dental Implants in Calgary?

Our dental team in the Calgary area is here to help provide a solution for your broken or lost teeth. At Dental Choice, we aim to offer a great patient experience through our dental care, customer service and flexibility for your lifestyle.

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You can receive dental implants through many of the Dental Choice locations in Calgary. We encourage you to request an appointment to discuss how implants can meet your dental needs.

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