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Edmonton Children's Dental Services

You understand the importance of taking your child to the doctor at least once a year. However, to care for your child’s entire well-being, it is essential to take them to the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings as well.

At Dental Choice, we proudly offer comprehensive children’s dentistry in Edmonton in addition to our adult services, to help start your child on the right path to healthy dental habits.


Professional & Comprehensive

Dental Services for Kids in Edmonton

We provide a wide range of dental services for children in Edmonton to meet diverse oral healthcare needs of your kids. From routine check-ups and cleanings to emergency dental services, Dental Choice strives to provide the oral care your children need to maintain a healthy smile.

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What Do Children's Dental Services Entail?

At Dental Choice, we understand that visiting the dentist can be a stressful experience, especially for our younger patients, which is why our dentists undergo training in addition to their general dentistry certification to help our children and adolescent patients thrive. As a result, our dentists know how to keep your child calm and create a positive dental experience while addressing specific issues, such as treating primary teeth and monitoring dental development.

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Importance of Dental Care for Children

Scheduling regular dental visits can help ensure the well-being of your child’s dental health. Some additional benefits of having your child see one of our dentists in Edmonton include the following:

  • Set up regular teeth cleanings: Scheduling regular cleanings allows our team to remove excess plaque and tartar, preventing the risk of developing tooth decay.
  • Create healthy habits: Our children’s dentistry services help make teeth maintenance fun, so children are more likely to incorporate it into their daily routines.
  • Prevent dental anxiety: Having your child attend dental appointments early can help reduce the risk of dental anxiety. They’ll view going to the dentist in a positive light.

Frequent Questions About Our Children's Dental Services in Edmonton

When Should My Child See the Dentist for the First Time?

We recommend that your child’s first dental exam and cleaning at our office be when they are 2 or 3 years old. You can bring your child to the dentist before they reach this age to introduce them to the dental office environment. However, their first cleaning should occur once they are a toddler unless they require significant dental attention earlier.

What is the Best Way to Keep My Child's Teeth Clean?

Some ways to keep your child’s teeth clean include:

  • Brushing: Your child should be able to brush their teeth independently by age 6 but may require supervision until they are 8 or 9.
  • Disclosing tablets: These chewable tablets will display any plaque left on your child’s teeth for an easy way to verify cleanliness.
  • Dental sealants: Dental sealants bond to the chewing surfaces, preventing cavities and plaque buildup.
  • Dental visits: Scheduling regular dental visits helps ensure your child’s teeth are healthy and prevent serious dental issues from occuring.

Do I Need to See a Dentist if My Child's Baby Tooth Has a Cavity?

Baby teeth with cavities will fall out eventually, but they may be painful while they remain in the mouth. If your child has a cavity in a baby tooth, it is best to have our dentists in Edmonton fill it to prevent discomfort and premature tooth loss.

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Start creating healthy dental habits with Dental Choice. Our team has years of experience working with a range of patients, from children to adults, and will help everyone be calm and comfortable. Complete our online contact form to schedule an appointment for your child at our Edmonton offices today.


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