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Edmonton Dental Implants

A dental implant replaces a broken or lost tooth and serves as a seamless alternative to other options, like dental bridges. You can receive dental implants in Alberta from Dental Choice.

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About Dental Implants in Edmonton

Dental implants restore your smile by filling the space left behind after you lose or break a tooth. The apparatus comprises three parts — the implant body, abutment and crown. These parts work above and below your gumline to fill the space seamlessly and connect firmly with your jaw. You will receive a single implant for each replaced tooth.

Dental implants are popular with patients because they are strong replacements for missing or damaged teeth. The insert body fundamentally merges with the jaw through a process called osseointegration, which stabilizes the tooth without the need for adhesives.

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Our Dental Implant Process

Our Edmonton-based dental experts will walk you through a simple process where we determine and implement solutions for your oral health. Here’s the process you can expect when receiving dental implants:

1. Consultation: We’ll assess your teeth to see if an implant is the best solution and determine other work that must occur before installation.

2. Implant body installation: The dentist will place the implant body into the jawbone.

3. Out-patient restoration: You’ll return to your life. In the meantime, osseointegration will take effect, bonding the implant body with your jaw. This process may take three to four months.

4. Abutment installation: You’ll return to the office for your dentist to install the abutment.

5. Crown Installation: After allowing your gums to heal, you’ll return for a final appointment, during which our team attaches your crown.

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Advantages of Dental Implants in Edmonton

Patients choose dental implants in Edmonton for a few key reasons. Here’s how you’ll benefit from our implants:

  • Appearance: These implants look like the rest of your organic teeth.
  • Stability: Implants merge with the jaw for the most stable placement.
  • Orthodontic health: A durable implant can help you retain or improve your bite.
  • Oral hygiene: You can prevent gum disease by removing and replacing a damaged tooth.
  • Culinary freedom: You can consume your favorite foods and beverages free from restrictions.
  • Quality of life improvements: Your implant will fill you with confidence by improving your smile.

A Great Solution to Damaged or Lost Teeth

A dental implant is the right choice when you want a lasting replacement for a lost or damaged tooth. We recommend implants for patients with various ailments, including lost or chipped teeth from sports injuries or gradual wear from grinding and decay. Our team can also provide an implant after tooth removal or years with dentures. Your Dental Choice dentist will help you determine if an implant is the right choice for you.

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