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Edmonton Sleep Apnea (VIVOS) Treatment

Dental Choice offers effective sleep apnea treatments in Edmonton, Alberta, in addition to our other dental services. Our approach to treating sleep apnea aims to address the root cause of this condition using nonsurgical methods.

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VIVOS Sleep Apnea Treatment in Edmonton

We can provide the innovative VIVOS sleep apnea treatment system to patients in and around Edmonton. This system treats sleep apnea’s root causes using a dental appliance rather than addressing the issue with surgery or a CPAP machine.

The VIVOS dental device is a custom-fit apparatus similar to a retainer. You’ll wear it day and night for 12 to 24 months. During that time, the apparatus will apply gentle pressure on the roof of your mouth to gradually open your airway until it remains in a stable position.

You may also wear a device for the lower jaw that trains it to rest in a healthier position. Each VIVOS device brings immediate improvements while working toward a long-term sleep apnea solution.

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Advantages of Our Sleep Apnea Treatment in Edmonton

VIVOS sleep apnea treatment offers two key advantages for patients:

  • Comfort: You’ll wear an inconspicuous device and go about life normally during the process.
  • Results: VIVOS treats the root causes of sleep apnea to provide a lasting solution.

A Remedy for Sleepless Nights

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) affects more than your sleep — it has an impact on your entire life. Dental Choice’s Edmonton offices are here to help you sleep better and feel better as a result.

We offer OSA treatments that strive to address the root causes of sleep apnea using noninvasive measures. Our dentists will construct a dental apparatus that you’ll wear to gradually open your airway over time, resulting in better breathing while you sleep. After the treatment period, you may enjoy restful nights and feel energized each morning.

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What to Expect With Our VIVOS Solution in Edmonton

Treating sleep apnea with a noninvasive VIVOS device involves a few easy steps:

1. Consultation: We’ll invite you to a Dental Choice location in Edmonton to perform diagnostic testing and oral scans that confirm this treatment is right for you. We’ll also conduct an at-home sleep test.

2. Appliance and plan design: Our Our dentists will use the information we gather from the consultation to customize a device for your mouth and outline a comprehensive treatment plan.

3. Check-ins: After After receiving your device, you’ll return for occasional visits where we’ll monitor your progress.

Our Sleep Apnea Dentists in Edmonton

For more than 30 years, the Dental Choice network has provided various dental treatments to patients in the Edmonton area. We maintain a team of experienced dentists who will strive to develop a unique sleep apnea treatment plan for your situation. Our team also aims to provide a comfortable, welcoming environment and convenient options for scheduling and financing.

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Ready to move toward a life without sleep apnea? Dental Choice is here to help. You can start the process by scheduling a consultation at the most convenient Edmonton office for you.

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