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Red Deer Custom Mouth & Night Guards

Protecting your teeth from damage should be a priority, especially when you play high-impact sports or have bruxism. Custom mouth guards are one of the most effective ways to achieve ultimate dental protection.

Dental Choice strive to offer high-quality custom mouth guards in Red Deer that can be adjusted for a precise and comfortable fit.

Why Use Custom Mouth Guards?

A custom mouth guard is created by a dental professional from an impression of your unique bite. It is designed to fit your mouth precisely, making it comfortable and easy to wear. Due to the individualized fit, custom mouth guards stay firmly in place and allow you to talk and breathe normally. In contrast, over-the-counter mouth guards often feel uncomfortable, which can cause irritation that leads to teeth damage.

When you choose Dental Choice for your dental mouth guards in Red Deer, you will know that we are striving to provide high-quality and effective mouth guards to protect your smile.

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Custom Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding in Red Deer

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a condition where a patient clenches, gnashes or grinds their teeth during sleep or while awake. A variety of factors, including stress, anxiety, misaligned teeth or sleep disorders, can cause this condition. Teeth grinding can cause damage to the teeth by wearing down the enamel and fracturing or loosening the teeth.

Custom mouth guards are an excellent treatment for teeth grinding, as they offer a barrier of protection that prevents contact between upper and lower teeth, reducing the effects of grinding. Since these devices are designed to fit your specific dimensions, they stay in place and feel more comfortable than an over-the-counter alternative. Depending on the severity of your bruxism, our dentists will aim to help your mouth guard have the right thickness to provide the best protection.

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Custom Sports Mouth Guards in Red Deer

A sports mouth guard is an essential piece of protective gear that is designed to keep your mouth safe from injury when playing sports. It can help you prevent injuries such as teeth or jaw fractures and cuts to the mouth and lips. A sports mouth guard can also absorb and distribute energy from an impact, reducing its effects.

When one of these devices is custom fit to your specific bite, it feels more secure and provides the best possible protection. Unlike over-the-counter mouth guards, the custom fit does not disrupt breathing or speech. Athletes can also focus on their game better when they don’t have to worry about their mouth guards coming off or feeling uncomfortable.

Choose Dental Choice for Your Red Deer Custom Mouth Guards

If you’re interested in getting custom mouth guards in Red Deer, turn to the dentists at Dental Choice. When you work with our trained dental professionals, we will do our best to design your mouth guard to suit your needs and provide the necessary protection. Schedule an appointment with one of your dentists for custom-fitting and durable devices.


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