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Emergency Dental Clinic in Red Deer

Whenever a dental emergency arises, you should know who to call to get prompt care. At Dental Choice, we offer services and procedures for many urgent needs. Read on to learn more about when to seek emergency care and how we aim to help you.

While some situations are obvious emergencies, others may be less apparent. You should seek urgent care for your dental health if you experience any of the following:

  • Symptoms that disrupt your day-to-day life
  • High amounts of pain
  • Physical or emotional distress about your dental health

Contact a dentist for immediate care if you have any issues that cause these concerns. Prompt services can help prevent these situations from worsening.

Common Emergencies Our Red Deer Emergency Dentists Treat

Although some dental issues can wait until your regularly scheduled appointments, others need attention immediately. At Dental Choice, we often work to treat emergencies like intense toothaches, broken or cracked teeth, or jaw pain. Our dentists also strive to assist individuals with:

Injured Lips or Tongue

If your tongue or lips are bleeding consistently without stopping, this could indicate that you have a more serious injury that you should have a dentist address.

Missing Teeth

After events where you lose or knock out a tooth, visit the dentist as soon as possible. If you bring the tooth to the office within a period of 30 minutes or so, it may reattach to your gums. Otherwise, your dentist will aim to take the appropriate next steps.

Broken Fillings

Losing or breaking a filling can lead to pain, deterioration or sensitivity issues if not treated quickly.

Gum or Mouth Pain

Intense aches in your mouth or gums can be a sign of an emergency situation, so get to the dentist as fast as possible.

Wisdom Tooth Pain

If you have impacted wisdom teeth or they are causing crowding or infections, set up a dental appointment immediately.

Other Issues

Other issues could include face swelling, decay, tooth abscesses, and crown, bridge, veneer or braces problems.

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What Should You Do If an Emergency Arises?

Whenever you have a dental issue that bothers you or seems pressing, you should contact your preferred dentist for immediate assistance. Receiving urgent services can help you get the right care, which can reduce pain and prevent long-term symptoms.

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How Our Red Deer Emergency Dental Office Can Help

Dental Choice strives to provide reliable emergency dentistry care for anyone who needs it. Many of our locations offer flexible hours, including on nights and weekends, to help improve access to the services you need. We aim to provide affordable services that respect your time and well-being.

Choose Dental Choice for Your Emergency Dental Services in Red Deer

When you need urgent care, consider choosing Dental Choice. Our team works hard to provide reliable, high-quality dental care — including general, emergency and restorative services — to people throughout the area. If you’re interested in our services, request an appointment online today!

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