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Cosmetic Dental Veneers

Chips, cracks, stains, and gaps in your teeth can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your smile. Not only can they be unsightly, but they can also make you feel self-conscious and hesitant to show off your teeth when you smile.

Fortunately, Dental Choice offers porcelain veneers to conceal these imperfections and enhance your smile. Cosmetic veneers are durable, long-lasting, and can provide a natural-looking and beautiful smile.

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, schedule a consultation with a Dental Choice dentist today to learn more about porcelain veneers.

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Benefits of Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice for individuals looking to enhance their smile, inlcuding:

  • Improves the appearance of teeth – Porcelain veneers can effectively conceal chips, cracks, stains, and gaps in your teeth.
  • Durable and long-lasting – Porcelain veneers are made from strong and durable material and can last for many years.
  • Natural-looking – Porcelain veneers are custom-made to match the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth.
  • Stain-resistant – Porcelain veneers are resistant to stains, meaning they won’t discolor over time.

Overall, porcelain veneers are an excellent option for those looking to enhance their smile and improve their confidence. Consult with a dental professional to see if porcelain veneers are the right choice for you.

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Dental Veneers Process

The process of getting dental veneers typically involves several steps, including:

  • Consultation – The first step is to schedule a consultation with a dental professional to discuss your goals and determine if porcelain veneers are right for you.
  • Preparation – In order to prepare your teeth for veneers, a small amount of enamel is typically removed from the front surface of the tooth.
  • Impressions – Next, an impression of your teeth is taken to create a custom-made veneer that matches your natural teeth.
  • Bonding – Once the veneers are ready, they are bonded to the front surface of your teeth.

The end result is a more beautiful and symmetrical smile that looks and feels natural.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Porcelain Dental Veneers

What are cosmetic veneers?

Veneers are a possible solution for concealing aesthetic imperfections in the teeth such as chips, flaws in size or shape, and discoloration.

Cosmetic veneers can correct some cosmetic concerns. They are placed over teeth to conceal imperfections including chips, crookedness, and discoloration. We offer both zirconia and porcelain veneers. Often in just two office visits, after a comprehensive dental exam, cosmetic veneers can give you a healthy smile.

What is the procedure for dental veneers?

To begin the procedure, our dentist first determines the size, shape and type of veneers that are most appropriate for the patient’s individual needs. Your dentist will work with you to help make the right selection and to give you an idea of what your new smile will look like after the treatment has been completed. After the teeth are prepared for treatment, temporary veneers are placed so that you will notice immediate improvements even while permanent veneers are being custom-created. The final steps in the procedure include replacing the temporary veneers and carefully affixing the permanent veneers to the teeth.

Am I a good candidate for dental veneers?

At Dental Choice, our dentists must first thoroughly evaluate if you’re a good candidate for dental veneers. We’ll examine your teeth and make sure veneers can address the issues you want to be corrected. While veneers are an excellent option, they aren’t right for everyone.

Veneers are typically used in cases of moderate cosmetic issues, such as slightly broken teeth. If your teeth are severely broken, you may need to look at other cosmetic options. Ideal candidates will have:

  • Healthy and cavity-free teeth
  • Healthy and disease-free gums
  • Teeth that don’t show signs of clenching and grinding
  • Asymmetrically aligned bite
  • Enough tooth enamel to support new veneers

How are the results after getting veneers?

Porcelain veneers can last up to 20 years if you take care of them well. Veneers are placed to give patients teeth that are straight, smooth and a bright shade of white. Veneers are made to reflect light similarly to natural tooth enamel. As a result, it is difficult for the untrained eye to distinguish veneers from real teeth, giving natural-looking results. Whether you are seeking treatment for teeth that are crooked, chipped or discoloured, veneers can help.

How much do dental veneers cost?

The exact cost of dental veneers varies from patient to patient. Before undergoing this procedure, your Dental Choice dentist will discuss pricing variables with you so that you have a better understanding of the cost. Some of the factors that could influence the price of your dental veneers include:

  • The number of affected teeth and how many veneers you get at one time
  • Covering all visible teeth versus covering only those teeth with visible damage
  • Where the affected teeth are located
  • Type of veneers you require
  • Laboratory costs

Are porcelain veneers permanent?

Porcelain veneers are considered a permanent cosmetic solution because a thin layer of enamel is removed from the tooth during the preparation process. However, they will eventually need to be replaced over time.

How long do porcelain veneers last?

With proper care, porcelain veneers can last for many years, typically around 10-15 years before they need to be replaced.

Are there any risks or side effects associated with porcelain veneers?

As with any dental procedure, there are some risks and potential side effects associated with porcelain veneers, such as sensitivity or damage to the veneer. However, these risks are rare, and a qualified dental professional can help you minimize them.

How do I care for my porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers require regular brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings, just like your natural teeth. It’s also important to avoid biting down on hard objects or using your teeth as tools to prevent damage to the veneers.

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