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Botox & Fillers in Edmonton

In the heart of Alberta lies Edmonton — a city of contrasts and resilience. As you weather its climate extremes, your skin begins to reflect this wear and tear over time. The freezing winters and sun-soaked summers may leave their marks, but Dental Choice ensures you defy the odds with Botox in Edmonton.

Dental Choice’s Botox and fillers in Edmonton are your secret weapon against harsh elements. With us, you can rejuvenate and protect your skin in the face of time and harsh weather. Our licensed and experienced professionals know Edmonton’s unique challenges. We can help you reveal your youthful vibrance through them all.

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Botox for Beauty, TMJ and Migraines

Botox is famous worldwide for its cosmetic prowess, but did you know it holds a remarkable pain alleviation power? Beyond beauty, Botox boasts a rich history of therapeutic applications, predominantly in addressing muscular conditions. Today, it finds its place in treating over 20 medical conditions, with over 7 million treatments administered annually.

At Dental Choice, Botox injections have been a trusted procedure for years. Many dentists use Botox to complement cosmetic dental work. In our practice, Botox also serves other crucial purposes — such as alleviating temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain and enhancing your well-being. Botox doesn’t stop at TMJ, though — it extends its relief to chronic conditions like migraines.

Botox is particularly effective for patients who have chronic migraines and endure headaches for over 15 days per month. Botox’s power in relaxing jaw muscles makes it highly effective for TMJ and migraines. Studies have shown significant pain reduction and improved mouth movement for months after treatment. Many participants have reported headache symptom improvement for up to three years after treatment.

When administering Botox, the dentist injects it directly into a muscle to activate relaxation. It generally takes one to three days for results to show, and it can be up to two weeks before you experience the complete advantages of Botox. To enjoy long-term success, you should get this procedure several times a year. Our Dysport treatments work similarly to Botox to smooth wrinkles and relax muscles, while dermal and lip fillers help restore fullness and provide a youthful appearance through decreased signs of aging.

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Why Choose Dental Choice for Botox & Fillers?

As dentists, our highly specialized training makes us experts in facial anatomy. At Dental Choice, we administer Botox and fillers to accommodate numerous applications, including treating facial pains, fine lines and excessive sweating. We enhance your natural beauty within a comforting and compassionate clinic, and we are here for you every step of the way.

We understand that your beauty goes hand in hand with your confidence. That is why we aim to support your natural and graceful aging journey. Contact us today for a botox and filler consultation in Edmonton.

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