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Botox & Fillers in Red Deer

Red Deer is a city that thrives in every season. As you transition through the seasonal flux of hot and cold, the conditions may begin to take their toll on your skin. Itchiness, flakiness, sensitivity, sagging and dullness may ensue. Dental Choice’s Botox and fillers services in Red Deer are here to help you enjoy the essence of your natural allure and enhance your skin’s natural defense.

Your skin tells a unique story in a city where warm summers make way for biting winters — as the seasons change, so too does your skin’s story unfold. The elements leave their lines and their marks on your skin, but the miracle appears here with our Botox and fillers services.

We offer more than a treatment. We create a canvas for timeless beauty, empowering your skin to thrive in the heart of Red Deer. years of training makes the professionals at Dental Choice well-versed in facial anatomy. At our office, we administer Botox to help treat facial pains and wrinkles and use fillers to restore facial volume.

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Botox for TMJ and Migraines

While Botox is popular for its cosmetic applications, its core function is to temporarily block nerve signals to muscles. It essentially reduces abnormal muscle contractions. That makes it an invaluable tool for relaxing the jaw muscles and offering respite to patients with temporomandibular (TMJ) disorder and migraines. At Dental Choice, we have used Botox as a pain solution for years. Botox boasts a rich history of therapeutic applications, predominantly revolving around various muscular conditions.

We go the extra mile by providing Botox treatments as a value-added service, addressing TMJ pain and migraines alongside cosmetic treatments and comprehensive dental care.

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How Do We Administer Botox?

Professionals inject Botox into the target muscle to activate muscle relaxation. Results take one to three days to appear after your procedure. It may take two to three weeks for you to fully experience the difference. Botox treatment is necessary every six months to achieve lasting changes and enjoy long-term success. We understand that your beauty goes hand in hand with your confidence and we aim to support your natural and graceful aging journey. We tap into your skin’s potential through personalized precision and use our Botox and fillers to amplify your finest features and help show off your best side.

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Your skin deserves the best defense against time and climate, and our comforting and compassionate clinic is here to deliver this to you. We provide caring and experienced medical care for a pleasant and memorable experience. When you schedule Botox in Red Deer, you can make our high-quality services a part of your story. Let us show you how you can embrace the natural beauty that is uniquely yours.

Our conveniently located dental and Botox and fillers facility has highly skilled and experienced professionals waiting to help you!


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