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6 Teeth Alignment Issues Invisalign® Can Fix

Invisalign® is a clear alignment therapy option for a wide range of patients. As the treatment has improved, patients often wonder what Invisalign® can fix. With the convenience of an invisible, removable appliance, you can treat almost as many alignment issues as braces can.

Can You Chew Gum with Invisalign In?

When you choose Invisalign®, you may get used to the comfort and design of this clear alignment therapy. Avid gum chewers may forget they’re wearing their trays when they pop a piece of gum and find themselves in a sticky situation.

Who Can Use Invisalign®? Who Isn’t Eligible?

Invisalign® has become increasingly popular for its positive orthodontic effects. If you’ve seen what clear alignment therapy has done for your family or friends, you may want to try it for yourself. Read on to learn more about who is and is not eligible for Invisalign®.

7 Things to Know About Invisalign®

If you want to straighten your teeth, you have a few options, including traditional braces and clear aligners from Invisalign®. Patients considering Invisalign® therapy can consider the following seven factors in their decision.

10 Tips for How to Get the Most out of Invisalign®

Invisalign® clear aligner therapy can be an excellent orthodontic option for patients who want to realign their teeth without using traditional metal braces. If you and your dentist decide Invisalign® is the right option for you, your dentist will determine your individualized treatment plan to guide you through the process. To take full advantage of your Invisalign® treatment, it is imperative that you carefully follow the regimen your dentist prescribes. We at Dental Choice also have some tips for how you can minimize issues and maximize results to get the most out of Invisalign®.

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