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Here at West Edmonton Dental Choice, we firmly believe that you deserve the utmost professionalism, where your needs are genuinely heard, your time is valued, and your dental visits are made as positive as can be. Book your appointment today and discover firsthand how our dentists truly make a difference in your experience.

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What Our Patients Have to Say

West Edmonton Testimonials

Dr. Singh makes a difference in this society. He is very generous and has compassion for his patients. I brought my friend who is a low income senior and he made sure she didn't pay anything extra, he even offered to help her even though her benefits had ended. Thank you very much Dr. Singh God bless you" - Ana
My first time at this clinic and first dental visit in years. The staff (reception, hygienist, assistant and dentist) all put me at ease with their caring and gentle demeanor. I finally feel like a found the right care for me!" - Jassy
Dr. Singh and all the staff at West Edmonton Dental Choice are amazing. I had to take my 6 year old there a few months ago since her baby tooth was not falling out and her adult tooth was coming in. After seeing Dr. Singh, the baby tooth had to be pulled out. He was amazing with the whole process and made sure my daughter was comfortable the whole time. I was afraid my daughter would develop a fear of going to the dentist but her experience was so great that she had no problem going for her routine cleaning a few months later." - Ashley
I’m very particular with dental hygienists because of my tooth sensitivity. Tristan is absolutely fabulous. She’s very gentle and thorough. The dentist Dr Singh is great too. Personable and professional. 10/10 for west Edmonton dental choice." - Megan
Awesome atmosphere; very welcoming and professional. The dentist ensures you know what procedures are being completed and all relevant knowledge. He most definitely illustrates that your mouth health is in very knowledgeable care. They definitely know what they are doing, and patient care is highly valued. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone looking to have any dental work completed. Thanks guys 🙏😊" - Keri
The staff at West Edmonton Dental Choice is so friendly and cheerful. They make you comfortable and take care of you. Dr. Singh is very gentle in your mouth and discusses everything with you so you understand what is going on. Your dental health is his top priority. I would recommend anyone to go there for their dental care. It is a wonderful place and all of his staff is knowledgeable and kind." - Billy
Amazing staff makes an amazing place when you’re going for something that’s not so great. I will continue to come back every year for our cleanings and checkups here. They got my six-year-old, who was completely scared, comfortable and now happy to go to the dentist." - Sara
West Edmonton Dental helped me feel comfortable and safe again after having some bad experiences at my previous clinic. Zlata was the hygienist who put me at ease and did a wonderful job cleaning my teeth. Dr. Singh was knowledgeable, professional, soft spoken and didn't cause me any pain. Also, the massage chair in the waiting room is very cool." - Clorinda

Our Dentists Make The Difference

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Dr. Amandeep Singh

Dr. Amandeep Singh graduated from the Doctor of Dental Surgery program at the University of Alberta, and now co-owns the West Edmonton Dental Choice office and takes pride in his team and practice. Dr. Singh’s winning sense of humor will help to put you at ease, and in addition to his alignment to Our Core Values, will contribute to a positive experience for patients and staff alike. Dr. Singh performs general dentistry including restorations, dental surgery, prosthodontics (crown and bridge) and root canals. In addition to these services Dr. Singh is able to offer Invisalign® and Implant placement. Dr. Singh speaks English and Punjabi, and is accepting new patients to his practice.

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